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An amazingly delicious powermeal cooking video for vanlifers by our friends Thogor, featuring Rider and Cook Adrian Oesch:

Between driving to locations, hitting lots of unique untouched spots, filming all of it and sleeping in the RV “Emma” in random parking lots up in the Swiss mountains, these guys have to eat!

They sent us a little video with some tasty screengrabs here first and then the video at the bottom. Don’t blame us if it makes you hungry!

Pasta with mushrooms, garlic and Sbrinz cheese:

Chop up some mushrooms.
Slice lots of garlic.
Stir while pre-celebrating the meal.
Check often to make sure it doesn’t overcook.
The most important part: Add tons of Sbrinz cheese. Seriously, you can’t really overdo this part.
Anticipating that first bite.
There we go, chow time.
How’s this working…
It’s working alright!

Ride on, but don’t forget to eat!

According to some, Sbrinz may be the oldest cheese in Europe, dating back to Celtic times! Get more info here..

If you need some cubes for your own cooking adventures, get them here!

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