enevu brand video – CUBE mini light


CUBE is the most advanced & full-featured mini-lantern on the market and represents a new standard in portable lighting solutions.

A splashproof combination spotlight and lantern, CUBE is only 2” (5cm) in size. It produces bright white light (up to 100 lumen) and glows in color to create a special ambiance. Whether you need light for a party or an emergency, you’re always prepared.

The design consists of a base and a removable diffusor. The base contains 4 state-of-the-art LED’s (3 White, 1 RGB), software-controlled electronics and the splashproof casing for the included AAA batteries. Using the base alone makes for a powerful spotlight while using the base with diffusor provides comfortable soft light, great for all kinds of activities.

The device is controlled with just one button and is easy to operate for old and young alike. It includes a hanging hook stowed inside the battery door, perfect for camping.

Designed by Swiss industrial designer Lorenzo Scazziga, CUBE stands for refined simplicity and high quality. After an intense technical development process, CUBE is now shipping worldwide from our webstore and selected retailers.

Get yours today with free shipping!

Video Credits:

Directed, filmed and edited by Nikk Schlumpf (NYC & Zürich based Vfx Artist & Director)
Soundtrack by Panda Eyes & DatPhoria “Keep Going” ft. COZY (18 year old next-level Dubstep artist from Zürich!)


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