Thogor presents: RVISION

Thogor RVISION snowboarding trailer liftoff

RVISION: A story about snowboarding. Independent snowboard filmers Thogor (Thomas Landolt & Gregor Betschon) have released the teaser to their upcoming film premiere of “RVISION”, a unique project they have been working on. At some point last year they decided to get themselves an RV as a mobile homebase to live out of during the season, and just started filming their own epic adventures, chasing the best snow across Switzerland where it happened to fall.

enevu CUBE thogor rvision 2 snowboarding

We support this awesome mission and we’re happy to announce we are a small part of Thogor’s group of sponsors now. They use CUBE in their daily life in the RV “Emma” and have even used CUBEs to light snowboarding jumps at night.

enevu CUBE mini light thogor rvision 1 Emma RV

The film will premiere on October 30th, 8PM in Zürich and it will be a unique event as the band who made the soundtrack will be playing it live. You read that right, they are calling this a cine-concert, how awesome is that! Ambossrampe, Zollstrasse 80, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland Read all about it here.

 Stay tuned, more to come soon…

enevu CUBE thogor rvision 3 snowboarding

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