Thogor Travelogue: Valais

RV with CUBE mini lights
enevu CUBE light thogor RV roadtrip 4 adventure
Emma all dug in on location

Guest Post by our friends Thogor, filmmakers and seekers of fresh snow:

We almost lost our belief in winter here in Europe. During Christmas time and New Year it was so warm, that even the bees thought it’s already spring. There was absolutely no sign of snow. We had time to entertain ourselves by studying or just chillin’.

After all it was kind of a shock when the weather forecast predicted more than 80cm of snow for several areas in Switzerland and we were hyped to head out for an adventure.

11th January 2016, Zurich: 7pm

With a lot of hope, we packed our stuff quickly and left Zürich around 7pm, in the direction of Valais. It took us three hours to Martigny. It was all set, good crew, good mood and some nice music for the hours on the road.

All of a sudden the gas didn’t pull back anymore and went all the way down without coming back up when not pushing it. We were on full speed like in a classic horror movie! Fortunately, full speed with Emma is not too fast and we managed to get the next exit right away. We opened the hood in search of the error or a ghost, which had caused this unpleasant situation.

We detected a broken spring and were looking for a way to fix it, maybe something out of rubber? Who has a condom? With steady hands and patience we managed to fix Emma temporarily and were back on track! 

enevu CUBE mini light thogor RV roadtrip 2 adventure
2km before Martigny: 11pm

The road got steeper, the rain changed to snow and after that, snow-chains became unavoidable. We were driving 20km/h at maximum because of the snow-chains and had to stop again to get Emma a chance to cool down. To top that, our first gas pedal fix was really only temporarily and we had to come up with another solution. We tried another elastic band from a tupperware and miraculously, it worked. Picture this: pass-road covered in 30cm snow, a Campervan that got stuck multiple times and four guys with a big smile.

enevu CUBE light thogor RV roadtrip 3 adventure
6km before destination: 1am

At last during the heavy snowstorm there was so much snow on the parking lot, that the four of us had to change pants and boots in order to shovel an entry into the parking lot. What a journey! It was quite exhausting but the pow we got to plow the next day made it all worth by far!

enevu CUBE mini light thogor RV roadtrip 1 adventure
50m before destination: 3am.

Ride on!


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